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    Makeup & Beauty Accessories

    Blush Brush

    Rs. 250Rs. 225

    Blush Brush Streetwear Blush Brush Is Uniquely Designed For Ultimate Application, Comfort & Grip That Smoothly And Easily Deposits Blush Onto Apples Of Your Cheek For That Rosy Glow. Ultra...

    Eyeliner Brush

    Rs. 150Rs. 135

    Eyeliner Brush This Brush Is Uniquely Designed For Ultimate Application, Comfort & Grip To Precisely Apply Eyeliner On Upper And Lower Lash Lines.Easily Creates A Multitude Of Artistic Linear Looks...

    Lip Liner Brush

    Rs. 125Rs. 113

    Lip Liner Brush The Brush Is Uniquely Designed For Ultimate Application, Comfort & Grip To Perfectly Apply Lip Color Or Gloss. This Sleek Brush Enables You To Precisely Line The...

    Eyeshadow Brush

    Rs. 200Rs. 180

    Eyeshadow Brush This Brush Gives You Comfort & Grip To Create A Multitude Of Eye Looks For Flawless Appearance.The Brushes Are Made Up Of Fine Quality Bristles, Soft And Silky...

    Lip Filler Brush

    Rs. 160Rs. 144

    Lip Filler Brush This Lip Filler Brush Is An Ideal Companion For Lipsticks & Lip Glosses.It Is Perfect For Detailing Along The Lips & Applying The Color Evenly And Consistently....

    Foundation Brush

    Rs. 200Rs. 180

    Foundation Brush This Brush Is Uniquely Designed For Ultimate Application,Comfort & Grip To Apply Liquid Or Cream Foundation Evenly & Easily For A Flawless Complexion. The Bristles Are Made Of...

    Round Hair Brush

    Rs. 450Rs. 405

    Round Hair Brush Style Your Hair With Street Wear Round Hair Brush. It`S The Perfect Way For Curling & Adding Volume To Your Beautiful Hair.The Ball Tipped Bristles Gently Massage...

    Eye Groomer

    Rs. 185Rs. 167

    Eye Groomer It Is Uniquely Designed For Ultimate Application,Comfort & Grip For Expertly Groomed Brows.This Duo Tool Shapes Your Brows & Eyelashes With Flawless, Salon Quality Results. Brand :Street Wear...

    Eye Blender

    Rs. 125Rs. 113

    Eye Blender Gear Up Like A Pro And Add Your Own Expert Touch To Every Eye Look With This Brush. It Is Flat In Shape Apt For The Perfect And...

    The Finesse Of Using The Right Makeup and Beauty Accessories!

    Makeup! Makeup!! And more makeup! There are no objections here because we live for makeup!

    Makeup is a form of art with which you can express yourself. Just like artists have their own unique tools and techniques when painting a picture, similarly, makeup artists have various ways of applying makeup products with their go-to beauty accessories online. The amazing thing is that each makeup lover would get something different, something that works well for them, or something which they’ve mastered the art of using well from the countless makeup accessories online... Read More

    No matter where you are in your makeup game, whether you’re just starting up or you’ve been in the game for a long, we all know how important beauty accessories are. For makeup beginners, as you progress further in your makeup journey, you’ll begin to realise your need for other makeup accessories for beginners. There are some accessories you’ll do away with, and others you’ll hold on to for dear life.

    As is commonly said: What works for you might not work for someone else. This is very true when it comes to all things beauty and makeup. With the difference in skin types, textures, tones, and more, what makeup accessories and makeup products you use would differ from another person. Sometimes, you may find someone who uses the same products and techniques as you, it’s not impossible.

    As you follow more makeup videos by makeup artists, you’ll learn new techniques that will help you on your journey. This will prompt you to buy makeup accessories online that would change your makeup game. With time and practice, you’ll have a grip on the technique and soon you’ll learn which technique doesn’t work for your skin and which technique does.

    Makeup is all about practising, and the right beauty accessories online would help you achieve your goal of learning to apply makeup flawlessly and like a pro.

    All Makeup & Beauty Accessories At One Platform

    At Street Wear Cosmetics, we have for you a wide range of beauty accessories online for beginners and professionals in the makeup world. These are makeup accessories that can be used for most of your makeup products. Here are the categories of our makeup and beauty accessories.

    • Makeup Brushes:

    There are numerous types of makeup brushes and most of these are for the application of face and eye makeup products. Each brush is designed in a way that allows the optimum application of different products. The shapes that these brushes take help with the precision that a lot of makeup artists require when doing some detailed makeup looks.

    First is the eyebrow groomer that helps in setting your eyebrows in the way you desire. You can apply some gel and use one end of this groomer to set your eyebrows in place. Next, we have an eyeshadow brush for application and blending. There are also lip liner brushes, lip filler brushes, and eyeliner brushes for the application of lip makeup products. And last but not the least, the final set of brushes for the application of face makeup. These brushes include our face foundation brush, contour brush, and blush brush.

    • Face accessories:

    In our face accessories category, there is the last set of brushes mentioned above which are the foundation brush, contour brush, and blush brush. But we also have our sponge set of 4 for the application of face makeup products. A lot of people switch between the use of brushes and sponges. The majority of makeup lovers have a preference between brushes and sponges and you get to decide what works best for you.

    • Pedicure and Manicure Kit:

    Our limited range of online beauty accessories includes a pedicure and manicure kit. Each of these kits has essential accessories needed to care for your hands and feet. These feet and nail care products include a pedicure kit with a nail clipper, a toe separator, and a pumice stone and brush. Our manicure kit consists of a small and large nail clipper, a cuticle clipper, a pair of cuticle scissors, a cuticle trimmer, a cuticle pusher, tweezers, and a nail filer.

    Each of these beauty accessories has a purpose and helps to keep your hands and feet neat and clean before using our range of matte and glossy nail enamel.

    • Hair brushes:

    Hair brushes are part of beauty accessories that are important in our daily life. We have a round hair brush & paddle brush which are great for blowing out your hair and giving it some waves or curls. They are also great if you need to simply run a comb through your hair and put it into a french twist, or bun.

    Buy beauty accessories online as well as makeup accessories right here at Street Wear.

    Tips & Tricks To Use These Accessories

    • Clean your brushes as often as possible.
    • Do not soak your brushes in water.
    • Think of each step in your makeup application process and buy essential brushes for steps that require a different brush.
    • You can use your foundation brush as a concealer brush.
    • Wider brushes have wider coverage. So, if you need a detailed brush, get a smaller brush.
    • Be on the lookout for the length of the brushes because the shorter the brush/bristles the heavier the application.
    • Get a powder brush that isn’t too big.
    • Get as many eyeshadow brushes as you need in one sitting without having to wash your brushes over and over again.

    Explore different makeup products at Street Wear Cosmetics

    At Street Wear Cosmetics, we have makeup products for your face, eyes, lips, and nails. Our range of makeup accessories can be used to apply our range of makeup products. Each of these categories at Street Wear Cosmetics has different collections to explore. Our makeup products online are made of amazing formulas that are suitable for all skin types.

    Our face products range includes face foundation and compact powder. Our eye makeup products include eyeliner kajal, liquid eyeliner, and eye mascara. Our lip care products include lip liner, lip balm, and lipstick.

    Shop for makeup products and beauty accessories online at Street Wear Cosmetics.

    Why choose Street Wear Cosmetics?

    At Street Wear Cosmetics, we cheer for every individual’s uniqueness. We are all for being and staying true to ourselves no matter the consequences. If you need a cheerleader, we are right to support you through your self-discovery and self-growth journey as you grow to be the person you know yourself to be. We encourage you to take a stand and be your authentic self. Explore who you are and who you want to be without restrictions.

    No Doubt No Limits.

    Street Wear Cosmetics.


    Q. Do these sponges have a strong odour, like a rubber smell?

    A: These sponges are a set of 4 diamond-shaped wedges with no rubbery feel or smell. It allows you to seamlessly and effortlessly apply your makeup.

    Q. Can I use the same brush for different types of makeup, or should I have separate brushes for each product?

    A: It’s usually convenient to have one brush for different things even if they are the same type of brush. For example, the eyeliner and lip liner brushes are quite similar but it would be inconvenient to apply your eyeliner and then use the same brush to apply your lip liner or vice versa. It would also be inconvenient to wash the brush and use it while it’s still wet. Hence, it is advisable to have one brush for each of those things. This applies to other similar types of brushes.

    Q. How do I store my makeup brushes to keep them in good condition?

    A: Ensure you wash your brushes the right way to get rid of the products on them. Get rid of excess water and leave them to dry before your next use. Get a makeup brush bag or container to keep all your brushes organised.

    Q. How can I extend the life of my makeup brushes, and when should I replace them?

    A: Washing and storing your brushes properly is one way to make them last longer. Use the right brush for the right product and don’t apply aggressively. Replace your brushes every 1-3 years, or as soon as the bristles begin to fall out, or you’re breaking out.

    Q. Can I use my fingers to apply makeup instead of using brushes, or brushes are essential?

    A: There are instances when you can use your fingers to apply makeup products. But most times, to get the best out of your makeup products, a brush is your best bet.

    Q. What should you not clean makeup brushes with?

    A: Regular soap can dry out the brushes. A gentle or clarifying shampoo is the best option.

    Q. What is the most important tool for makeup?

    A: The most important makeup application tools are makeup brushes of all types for different beauty products like your face, eyes, and lips.

    Q. Why are makeup tools important?

    A: Makeup tools make the application and blending of makeup products easy. This results in an even, flawless finish look.

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