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    Face Makeup Products

    Say hello to the stunning face cosmetics by Street Wear that make you instantly ready for every occasion. Get flawless makeup and tons of compliments with these face makeup products online. Being glam and gorgeous has never been so easy! Explore these face makeup items and let them make your skin even more beautiful!

    Stay On Full Cover Foundation Spf-25

    Rs. 649Rs. 584

    Stay On Full Cover Foundation Spf-25 A face liquid foundation can be an excellent addition to your makeup routine because it will smoothen out your skin and create a flawless...

    Face Compact Powder

    Rs. 499Rs. 449

    Compact A crease-proof compact that provides light-weight, shine-free, matte coverage for your skin. It covers up imperfections and under-eye circles while giving your skin an unmistakable glow. The moisturizing, highly...

    Street Wear Foundation 30 ML

    Rs. 449Rs. 404

    Foundation A weightless, full-coverage foundation with a natural matte finish. For skin that loves makeup just as much as its own natural textures! This silky, breathable formula melts in and...

    Street Wear Foundation 30 ML - Special Offer

    Rs. 315 – Rs. 404

    Foundation A weightless, full-coverage foundation with a natural matte finish. For skin that loves makeup just as much as its own natural textures! This silky, breathable formula melts in and...

    Get A Flawless Makeover With These Face Makeup Products

    Get in here, makeup lovers, makeup artists, makeup influencers, and everyone with a penchant for makeovers!

    We’ve got amazing products for you to explore. But fear not, if you’re new to all of this and you’re a makeup beginner, we’ve got you covered. If you’re a pro or on your way to becoming a professional, then we’re pleased to have you on board. Between us makeup addicts, a new product is worth trying out and even better if it becomes something that we can add to our personal makeup bag.

    The fun thing about makeup is that there aren’t any rules to having an awesome makeup look and experience. Yes, there are some basic step-by-step application methods to get a seamless base and achieve that flawless red carpet look. But, once you know what to do, how to do it becomes something that you figure out by yourself, along the way... Read More

    A lot of you have probably heard this, but the key to a flawless makeup look is in your skincare. But it goes without saying, if your skincare is on point and you use your face makeup products without knowing what to do, then the awesome skincare routine doesn’t really do anything to correct your makeup. So, balance is everything. Have an amazing skincare routine, but also a great makeup application with your beauty products.

    For the makeup beginners, you’ve probably watched a couple of makeup tutorials and have seen different artists apply their makeup in different ways. Just a heads up, it’s totally fine and ok to wonder which is actually the right way. As we mentioned earlier, there is no rule. Every artist has discovered what works best for them, some skip a few steps and do one step before the other and that’s fine. As you practise more on your face with your makeup items you will also begin to develop a way that’s unique for your makeup application. As the artists say: Trust the process.

    Street Wear face makeup collection online

    We’re kicking off things with our newly launched product with lots more face makeup products to come which you can get online in India at Street Wear.

    • Face foundation:

      Our range of long-lasting lightweight foundations in our face makeup products category currently has two different types of foundation makeup.

      Our liquid foundation which is aqueous-based has four different shades with a moisturising formula. It gives your skin a blurring effect and it is perfect for all skin types. Breathable, lightweight, and with a matte finish, this foundation is sure to be what you need to get that flawless base.

      Our Stay On full coverage foundation is available in six shades and also has a lightweight formula. The great thing about this foundation is that it is formulated to offer sun protection as it comes with SPF 25.

    • Compact powder:

      Our matte compact face powder is one of the many other important face cosmetics. This makeup product is available in three shades with a lightweight, moisturising formula. This compact powder is a creamy formula and locks your makeup in place, giving your look a matte finish. It can also be used on its own after a CTM for an everyday no-makeup look.

    Ways to apply face makeup correctly - step by step

    1. Skincare:

      Your skincare routine is very important as a way to prep your face before moving on to your face makeup. Skincare not only brings your face to a state that makes it convenient for applying face cosmetics, but they also keep your face moisturised and acts as a barrier between your skin and the products.

      Your daytime skincare routine right before your face or eye makeup products should include a cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, treatment, moisturiser, face oil, and sunscreen. Depending on your skin type and your skin concerns and treatments, this routine may include more or fewer products. You can also choose to do some lip care using lip scrubs before you apply your lip makeup products later on.

    2. Primer:

      A face primer is important because it reduces the appearance of your pores to give you that flawless base for the makeup items for your face. So, using your finger tips, press your primer into your pores rather than glide it over your skin.

    3. Foundation:

      Down to business, the first part of the makeup routine. As you may already know there are different ways to apply your foundation. You can go for a beauty blender or a makeup brush. Before using a beauty blender, be sure to pump it with water and squeeze the water out before you apply your foundation with it. Using a brush requires you to use one side of the brush going in one direction rather than back and forth. This would prevent a cakey base. Also, be sure to apply some lip balm to prevent your lips from getting chapped before you finish applying your makeup.

    4. Concealer:

      Concealer is the next step and it is used to brighten areas of your face like underneath your eyes, the areas around your nose, your chin, and the centre of your forehead. You can use concealer as the base for your eyes as well to brighten them before you apply your eye mascara or any other eye products.

    5. Powder:

      Setting your concealer with some powder is very important. Concealer alone without setting it with some powder would crease the areas where you put the concealer. So, as soon as you apply your concealer with your beauty blender, be sure to set it immediately with some powder. Do not rub the powder in, rather, press it into your skin on top of the concealer. You can also set your eyelids with some powder when you prep them with concealer. This will create a base for you to apply eye shadows and eye kajal and or your liquid eyeliner.

    6. Contour:

      To bring back structure and depth into your face, a contour is a product that can help you. It adds shadows to your face and can be applied beneath your cheekbones, your hairline, and your jawline. Be sure to blend it out properly with a brush so there aren’t any harsh lines and it blends seamlessly into the rest of your face makeup. Contour can also be used on your nose and when done the right way, you can make your nose appear whichever way you want.

    7. Bronzer:

      Bronzer is a warm shade of face cosmetics that is usually confused with contour. Bronzer is used to add warmth to your skin and is applied above the contour. Bronzer can be applied below your cheekbones, below your hairline, the natural lift of your eyes, the tips of your nose, etc. This gives your skin a natural tan look.

    8. Blush:

      Blush is used to add colour to your face. A lot of people skip this step when they’re going for a clean nude look. The bronzer adds warmth to the face and if you’re looking for more colour, a rosy blush will give you that. Apply blush to your cheeks. Depending on your face shape, you can apply it to other places on your face.

    9. Highlighter:

      Highlighter will give you that glow you’ve been looking for. Add a highlighter on your cheekbone, the bridge and tip of your nose, your brow bone, and your cupid’s bow before you apply your lip makeup products. Brush some, lightly, on your chin and the centre of your forehead.

    10. Setting Spray:

      Setting spray is the one key ingredient to lock your makeup in place. Apply setting spray after each step in your makeup routine before moving to the next step. The right setting spray can keep your makeup looking flawless for 24 hours. After this, you can focus on your eyes and your lips. Be sure to apply your lip liner before you apply your lipstick.

    Face Makeup Tips & Hacks

    1. Foundation:

      Ensure that the foundation you’re using is your exact shade. If you can’t find your exact shade, then get two shades of foundation, one lighter and the other darker. You can mix these two shades to get your perfect shade.

    2. Colour correct:

      If you have really dark scars, dark circles, or hyperpigmentation you want to cover, concealer alone cannot do the trick. Apply the orange colour in a colour corrector over the area before your foundation but after your primer. To cover the redness on your face, use the green colour. Conceal and then apply your foundation. Or apply your foundation first before your concealer.

    3. Smile/Laugh lines:

      A lot of makeup lovers have probably experienced this when your smile lines start to show through your makeup. It can be really frustrating especially if you have a long day ahead of you. The trick is to apply some eyeshadow primer on your smile lines before your foundation. Or you can use some concealer, powder, and setting spray before you apply your foundation.

    Face Makeup Do's and Don’ts

    Makeup Do’s

    1. Do: Apply your makeup in natural lighting.
    2. Do: Buy cruelty-free face makeup products.
    3. Do: Give your eyebrows some attention. Lightly fill it out or at the very least, go over it with a brow gel.

    Makeup Dont’s

    1. Don’t: Use dirty brushes or a beauty blender.
    2. Don’t: Ever turn in for the night without taking off your makeup.
    3. Don’t: Use your makeup when it expires.

    What you need to know before buying face makeup products online

    1. Be sure to know your skin type before buying face makeup products. 
    2. Know your skin tone which will come in when choosing your face cosmetics and other things like choosing the colour of nail polish online.
    3. Your skin type is another thing you should know. Although there are a lot of products that are good for all skin types, knowing your skin type would come in handy not just for selecting beauty products.
    4. Go for cruelty-free makeup products online like all Street Wear products.

    Check out other makeup products & accessories online at Street Wear

    At Street Wear, we have other amazing makeup products and accessories you can get. These include items from all our categories like face, lips, eyes, nails, and makeup accessories online. Each of these categories at Street Wear has a number of products to check out, all offering different benefits. Our makeup products are made of amazing formulas for all skin types.

    Shop for face makeup products and accessories online here at Street Wear.

    Why choose Street Wear?

    At Street Wear, we encourage and embrace each person's uniqueness. Being true to yourself and who you are no matter the consequences. If that requires you to stay just the way you are or change to grow into the person you know you are, we will be here cheering you on.

    We hope you get to choose us to accompany you on this new journey of self-discovery as you explore who you truly are without restrictions. Because at Street Wear, we really believe in #NoDoubtsNoLimits.

    No Doubt No Limits.

    Street Wear Cosmetics.


    Q. What is the basic rule of makeup application?

    A: Blending is the key to getting seamless and flawless makeup.

    Q. What's needed for a full face of makeup?

    A: It depends on the look you’re going for. For a simple natural look, you require just a few products like concealer, blush, and highlighter. For a full glam, you need all the products mentioned above.

    Q. How long can you keep makeup?

    A: Different makeup products last for different time periods, so be sure to check the packaging for how long you can use the product. Be sure to have it replaced when it expires.

    Q. Can I sleep without removing face makeup?

    A: Going to bed with make up ON is a big NO!! Make sure that every inch of your skin is striped off makeup when you finally hit the bed. That time is best used for splurging on night skin care routine to help replenish & regenerate your skin.

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