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Hello, gorgeous! Welcome to Street Wear

On average, a person has about 6000 thoughts a day. That’s a lot happening up there!
Imagine if all 6000 of those thoughts excluded negative affirmations.
Imagine if there was no space for self-doubting thoughts
Imagine if we could feel comfortable in our own skin; our colour, curves, choices, and
Imagine if none of these were up for judgements.

O’ how each time we’d hit the streets, we’d dance to the rhythm of our own beat.
Imagine if the mirror reflected only our beautiful thoughts about ourselves.
Imagine if through our eyes, we saw ourselves as one whole, complete person.
Imagine if you and I could be who we want to be.
Imagine…That’s a start.

About Us

Street Wear comes with the finest range of color cosmetics formulated in the best of
US labs, especially for you. Our products celebrate your uniqueness and make you
embrace your flaws because that's exactly what sets you apart.
What you have been conditioned to see as imperfections, we see that as your
You don't have to try hard to blend in because, here we are, rooting for you and
empowering you to stand out as your unique self!

Our products are 100% cruelty-free, so you feel your absolute beautiful self and
guilt-free. Available in gorgeous shades and finishes that help you pull off any
stunning look effortlessly. Be it on the streets or at that lavish ball, they wouldn’t
know what hit them.

Here's for you to keep up the courage, keep up the bold attitude, and let us be your
companion as we stick it out with you
Because at Street Wear, we truly believe in #NoDoubtsNoLimits.

No Doubt No Limits.

Our Vision

We envision people from all walks of life taking a stand for who they truly are, being comfortable in their own skin, and choosing a path they want to follow. Life is short and time is fleeting. Be inquisitive, try out new things and break boundaries and surpass curfews. That’s how you discover who you truly are and what you really want. Don’t misspend your time doing something you don’t love, and feeling unsure about your choices. Just as much as we encourage you to be yourself, we also encourage you to make changes that you want to make.

Keep Experimenting.
Be Beautiful. Be Brave.

We want to be the one you choose to give you that boost you need to be your authentic self and see you through that road. We encourage you to make hard choices that break you out of your bubble. Growth is not comfortable. It’s about taking risks and choosing the hard way out. But in the end, you emerge more beautiful and stronger than ever. You break free from your cocoon and morph into a vibrant-looking butterfly ready to take on the world.

Street Wear is about having no doubts about crossing limits to reach your full potential

Street Wear Cosmetics.

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