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    Face Foundation Makeup

    Be you. Be you-nique as you slip on our lightweight foundation that feels like a blanket of confidence and armour. Our face foundation gives you the power to go from medium coverage to full coverage. Add these foundations to your makeup routine and keep your head high at every event.

    Stay On Full Cover Foundation Spf-25

    Rs. 649Rs. 584

    Stay On Full Cover Foundation Spf-25 A face liquid foundation can be an excellent addition to your makeup routine because it will smoothen out your skin and create a flawless...

    Street Wear Foundation 30 ML

    Rs. 449Rs. 404

    Foundation A weightless, full-coverage foundation with a natural matte finish. For skin that loves makeup just as much as its own natural textures! This silky, breathable formula melts in and...

    Street Wear Foundation 30 ML - Special Offer

    Rs. 315 – Rs. 404

    Foundation A weightless, full-coverage foundation with a natural matte finish. For skin that loves makeup just as much as its own natural textures! This silky, breathable formula melts in and...

    Face Foundation for Flawless Makeup Every Day

    You have undoubtedly heard the word "foundation" if you have ever used makeup or been with those who do. Foundations are a must-have for any makeup collection since they literally serve as the base for your cosmetics. When it comes to foundation, we believe that choosing the proper foundation makeup depends in large part on your complexion... Read More

    However, you might not have found the proper face foundation makeup yet, regardless of whether you've been an expert in makeup for what seems like ages or are a novice attempting to find your way through the complicated, oversaturated world of beauty products. And that's totally okay!

    At Street Wear Cosmetics, we have bought for you an amazing range of high-coverage foundations, that goes well with all skin tones and helps you achieve that flawless makeup look. 

    What is Face Foundation?

    Face Foundation is the most important part of makeup. Applying it all over your face helps in laying a smooth foundation for the rest of your makeup. With the right formula, it helps conceal flaws, even out your skin tone, muddle flaws, and produce an overall smooth and even canvas-like skin ready for the rest of the makeup.

    Why Foundation is Important for Face Makeup?

    The importance of a face foundation can be gauged from its name only. It’s the base on which the rest of your makeup depends. It can make or break your look. A flawlessly applied foundation helps in boosting self-confidence, hides skin imperfections and sets an even skin tone. 

    While vitamin D is produced in the skin when exposed to sunshine, however, too much sun exposure can cause skin damage and premature ageing. Natural sun protection is a feature of a good foundation such as Street Wear’s Stay on Full Coverage Foundation with SPF 25.

    A good high-coverage foundation hides skin imperfections giving it a smoother finish and a healthy glow. Active ingredients present such as Aloe Vera, Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Lilium Candidum Bulb, Eriodictyon Californicum Ferment, Cymbidium Grandiflorum (Orchid) Flower work actively to lighten and nourish your skin.

    A lightweight foundation makeup serves as an efficient barrier to prevent air pollutants from settling on the skin's surface, thus slowing down the damage they cause to the skin.

    Right foundation shade according to skin tone

    Know Your Undertone

    When choosing the ideal foundation makeup for yourself, keep in mind that your complexion and undertone are not the same. In general, there are three types of skin undertone- warm, cool and neutral. The finest way to check it is through veins. Check for the veins on the inner side of your wrists.

    • Veins that are blue or purple in colour have a cool undertone.
    • A fair or wheatish skin tone and green veins show a warm undertone. 
    • You are most likely to have a neutral undertone with an olive tint if you are unsure of which colour is most noticeable in your veins.

    Wheatish skin tone

    Use a liquid foundation if you have a wheatish skin tone. Cream-based foundation makeup on such skin tones may look oily. Wearing a face foundation that is too light could make you look pale. Your face will just appear powdered, spotty, and uneven as a result. A good face foundation should make your skin appear luminous and healthy.

    A light shade of Street Wear’s Liquid Foundation is perfect for a wheatish or fair skin tone. 

    Dusky skin tone

    Use a matte finish high coverage foundation if you have a dusky skin tone. Street Wear’s Liquid waterproof foundation comes in 4 different shades, pick a light-medium shade as it goes best with your skin. 

    Olive skin tone

    Beauty and makeup fans regard olive skin tone as a blessing. Getting the perfect makeup look can be difficult if one doesn't already have the best foundations for olive skin in their arsenal. Hence, Street Wear Cosmetics has bought for you 6 shades of Stay On Full Cover foundation with SPF 25 that blends well with your skin tone and gives you that dreamy dewy look. For an olive skin tone, you can use Rose Vanilla, Natural Honey or a Rose Beige shade. 

    Types of face foundation at Street Wear online

    1. Stay On Full Cover Foundation with SPF 25 

      Our 16-hour-long-lasting Stay On full coverage foundation with SPF evens out dark spots, flaws, pigmentation, and blemishes to give you a flawless, natural-looking canvas on which to express your creativity.

      This lightweight foundation integrates seamlessly and is ideal for all skin types because of its oil-free formulation. You may put an end to your ongoing search for the ideal foundation with the help of this little brat, who also provides protection from sun damage with a whacking SPF-25.

      Ginkgo Biloba ingredients and Olive flower extracts found in our Stay on Foundation nourish your skin while giving it a satin-like texture. It offers calming benefits on the skin, increases skin hydration, and promotes your skin's battle against ageing. The best place to start when arranging an appearance for your office, a date, or even a party is with a buildable cover! 

      Available in 6 shades, this mattifying liquid foundation is chosen to complement Indian skin tones, and the precisely shaped container makes it possible to squeeze out every last bit of the product. You can choose the tint you want by using the shade pane on the tube.

    2. Liquid Foundation 

      With our liquid foundation, it's time to say goodbye to congested pores and makeup that settles into fine wrinkles. For skin that enjoys cosmetics as much as its own texture, this is our lightweight, full-coverage foundation with a matte finish that looks absolutely natural. This smooth, waterproof foundation effectively conceals flaws by seamlessly gliding on your skin. The way your skin looks is natural and radiant.

      With the richness of Vitamin E infused into it, it stays on your skin through various climates and seasons while nourishing your skin with each application. This foundation makeup is ideal for all skin types and is a great choice if you're going out to dinner with your girlfriends or to the office on a regular basis.

    Tips & Hacks of Using Foundation Makeup 

    1. Cleanse Your Skin

      Cleanse your face properly before applying face foundation makeup. The secret to having flawless-looking makeup is to prepare your skin well before, otherwise, the problem areas of your skin such as dry, flaky, and textured skin get highlighted after applying foundation. After cleansing your skin, hydrate it by using a light moisturiser.

    2. Apply Lightweight Foundation Makeup With the Correct Tools

      How you apply lightweight foundation, matters the most. There are numerous tools available for applying foundation, including foundation brushes, makeup sponges, and beauty blender sponges, however, you must use the best tool that works for your face. You can also blend the face foundation makeup with your own fingers.

    3. Apply Face Foundation Makeup Inside Out 

      Starting at the middle of your forehead and moving down toward your nose and chin, begin by applying full coverage foundation to the centre of your face. Just a few tiny foundation dots should be placed around your face's edges. Beginning in the middle of your face and moving outward, blend your foundation.

    4. Do Not Leave Ear and Neck 

      These two are a crucial part of your face makeup. To ensure that the foundation on your neck and ears blends flawlessly with the foundation on your face, apply a very thin coating of foundation to both areas. Use Street Wear’s high-coverage foundation for a fuller appearance.

    Step-by-Step Guide to remove the Face Foundation

    1. Cleanse with Gentle Face Wash and Water

      Wipes can be a great way as the first step to start removing the foundation. But the best way to get rid of residue and prepare your skin for a nice nighttime routine is to use water and face wash. If you solely use wipes and then moisturise, you run the risk of clogging your pores with debris and waking up with breakouts or blackheads.

    2. Go for Steaming Your Face

      Before washing the waterproof foundation with water, you can also steam your face. Hover your face over a bowl or sink filled with hot water for a few minutes. Your pores will open up as a result of the steam, and it will be simpler to deep-clean your skin with the help of a cleaner.

    3. Tie Your Hair

      We completely understand: Putting your hair up in a ponytail can seem like too much work when it's late at night and your bed is calling. But if you don't, you're probably stopping washing your face a few inches close to your hairline. To make sure you remove all traces of makeup, take the extra 2 seconds to tie it back or put on a headband.

    4. Use Flat Cotton Pads

      When you're trying to cleanse and settle down your skin, cotton balls can irritate you by leaving behind residue or breaking down while being used, leaving fibres on your skin or lashes. Therefore, always use flat cotton pads over cotton balls since they act as magical cushions to draw everything out.

    5. Do Not Forget to Apply a Moisturiser

      High Coverage Foundation removal should always be accompanied by at least some targeted moisture. Removing makeup can dry out your face, hence a good moisturiser helps in keeping it supple and moisturised.

    6. What to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Foundation

      1. Knowing Your Skin Tone & Undertone is Important

        Your undertone is the shade that lies just below the skin's surface and blends in with any cosmetics you may use on top of it. If done correctly, foundation and concealer, blend seamlessly to create an appearance that is identical to skin. A "naturally" flawless-looking skin requires doing everything perfectly. But if you do it wrong, you become a living example of what NOT to do.

      2. Avoid Making Decisions Based on Wrist Swatching 

        Many people have a skin of varying shades on their hands, necks, and faces. The concept of "testing it on your hand" is invalid in such circumstances. You can be two different hues or you might be tanned. You can try it on your cheek or the side of your face if the tones of your face and neck match. It is preferable to test on your forehead if it is somewhat more tanned as compared to your cheeks. You can tell if a colour is the best foundation tone for you when it blends into your skin. Buy the best face foundation in India at Street Wear.

      3. Know Your Skin Type

        Choose a hydrating foundation like Street Wear’s Stay On Face Foundation if you have dry skin. Choose a matte or velvet texture if your skin is oily or prone to breakout, our Stay On Lightweight Foundation comes with Oil-free formula making it the best for you. Opt for our Liquid Foundation to provide light to medium coverage if you have normal skin, it provides the perfect matte finish.

      4. Pick as Per Season

        You won't be able to use the same foundation colour all year long. Our skin seems to warm up in the spring and summer when we are more active outside and in the sunlight. Even though you use sunscreen every day, our sound warms up. So, for the sake of making your skin glow, be considerate enough to choose various foundations for each season. Using a lightweight foundation is however feasible in all seasons.

      5. Why Choose Street Wear?

        Street Wear brings you the best in quality cosmetics to glam up every look. During our product development, manufacture and research phase, we do not do any harm to the animals and bring 100% tested products to you. None of our products has ever undergone animal testing, and all of our formulations are completely cruelty-free. So feel really attractive without worrying about guilt!

        Apart from our range of face foundation in India, we have an amazing collection of lip makeup products such as Lipstick, Lip balm and lip liner.

        Allow your eyes to do the talking with our extensive range of eye makeup products such as eye kajal, eye mascara and eyeliner.

        Hey, you all the fashionistas out there! What are you waiting for? Order your favourite face makeup products like face foundation and compact powder now!

        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        What is the best way to choose a foundation for a beginner?

        If you are a beginner, keep in mind the following 3 points before buying a face foundation:

        1. Know about your undertone
        2. Understand your skin type 
        3. Swatch the foundation in the right manner

        How do you apply the hydrating foundation smoothly?

        Whether you apply hydrating foundation with a foundation brush, a Beauty Blender, or your fingertips, try to buff it all over rather than merely painting it all over. Dab it onto your skin to build coverage evenly and prevent streakiness.

        Is it OK to apply foundation with fingers?

        Yes, it is perfectly OK to apply face foundation with fingers, but all you need to do is dab it perfectly all over and avoid rubbing. Just apply foundation in a stippling motion, which involves lightly tapping it into your skin.

        Can you leave the foundation on overnight?

        Your skin might suffer significant nighttime damage if you sleep with makeup on. For smooth and clear skin, it is crucial that you remove your makeup before bed.

        How long does the foundation stay fresh?

        The Stay On full coverage foundation from Street Wear stays for as long as 16 hours, thus giving you superb coverage throughout the day.

        Can you just wear foundation as makeup?

        It's quick and simple to wear face foundation makeup alone. It's one of the best and simplest ways to even out your skin tone.

        Can you put the foundation under the eye?

        Yes, you can apply foundation under the eye area. But, you must apply it with very lightweight foundation hands and blend it very thin under your eye area.
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