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    Make your eyes look glamorous and irresistible with the eye essentials of eye cosmetics by Street Wear. Get thick and dreamy lashes with the smudge-proof mascara and put an enticing spell with the sharper than ever stay on liquid liner. Say goodbye to messy eye makeup with these super easy-to-apply eye makeup products.

    Eye Liner Kajal

    Rs. 199Rs. 179

    Eye Liner Kajal A classic 2 in 1 kohl eye pencil that lines eyes with rich, creamy colour in just one swipe. Indulge in a nourishing formula and a velvety...

    Eyeliner Kajal (Pack of 2)

    Rs. 398Rs. 279

    Eye Liner Kajal A classic 2 in 1 kohl eye pencil that lines eyes with rich, creamy colour in just one swipe. Indulge in a nourishing formula and a velvety...

    Stay On Liquid Liner

    Rs. 499Rs. 449

    Stay On Liquid Liner Since eyes are the windows to oneâsoul, whatever your mood for the day, let your eyes do the talking. You get more bang for your buck...

    Eye Mascara

    Rs. 449Rs. 404

    Mascara Presenting your smartest lash decision ever! Street Wear mascara is a clean and smudge-free mascara that delivers 12 hours of thick, voluminous lashes. It creates curly, long lashes, while...

    Eye Makeup Products To Enhance Your Look

    Eye cosmetics have multiplied over the years. We’ve come a long way from Cleopatra’s time to our era. Granted, she used all the essential eye makeup products like eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, but they were made of a different formula than current eye makeup products are made of... Read More

    Eyeliner can be traced back to as far as 10,000 BC and was used as a protective barrier between the desert sun and their skin. Although the formula they used was as a protective medium, they weren’t exactly the safest ingredients. They were also known popularly, back then, as Kohl.

    Eyeshadow is evident to be found in predynastic Egypt between 5000 BC to 4000 BC. Also made of questionable ingredients, they became popular in a time between 1837 - 1901 during the Victorian era.

    Mascaras came later on in 3000 BC and were made of the same ingredients as Kohls. In the 19th century, the French discovered it and changed the formula for much safer ingredients than the ones they used earlier.

    The eye makeup products made in this era, this century, are made of different formulas, but safe and great to enhance your features. There are so many options for eye makeup products online in India from different brands. You get to choose which brand has an ethos that connects you to them and makes you want to boldly and bravely use their product.

    While each of these eye cosmetics can be used solely and make a significant difference, together they can change your entire look. We have created cruelty-free eye makeup products just for you to play with, guilt-free. You get to decide how you want to use these products and if you want to use them individually or together.

    The fun thing about creating eye makeup looks is that there is no rule. You can be as expressive as you want to be, or you can go for a subtle clean look. We have created these eye makeup products for you to take charge and learn to be bold, brave, and beautiful.

    Street Wear eye makeup collection online

    • Kajal:

      Kajals are eye makeup products which you use, mostly, on your waterline. But our kajal eyeliner gives you an option to use it for more than the intended use of Kajals. Our eyeliner kajal is a dark kohl shade kajal with a waterproof smudge-proof formula and is enriched with almond oil.

      The formula makes it easy for you to blend out in case you want to create a smokey eye makeup look. Yes, you can use our kajal as an eyeliner and also on your waterline. You can also use it as the base of your smokey eye.

    • Liquid Eyeliner:

      Similarly, eyeliners can be set apart from Kajals not just from the name but also from the packaging. There are different types of eyeliners like liquid, gel, pencil, and pen, and you can even use your eyeshadow as an eyeliner. All these types of eyeliner have different application methods and everyone has one that works very well for them. So, you get to decide which one is easier for you to use.

      Our liquid eyeliner is a bold black shade that stays on for 24 hours. The thin applicator allows you to have a seamlessly thin application and room to build up on the thickness however you please.

    • Mascara:

      Mascara enhances your eyelashes. It makes them longer, bolder, and bigger and opens up your beautiful eyes. Even if you skip out on other eye makeup products, mascara might be all you need to take charge of your day.

      Our smudge-proof waterproof mascara is enriched with Vitamin E. It lifts your lashes with the creamy non-flaky formula. Coating each strand of your lash with the knight black shade makes your lashes voluminous and thicker.

    Apply Your Eye Makeup The Right Way

    1. A lot of people choose to do their eye makeup after they’ve applied their face foundation and used other face makeup products. You can choose to do your eye makeup before or after you apply makeup on the rest of your face. If you’re skipping out on applying makeup on the rest of your face, you can focus on your eye makeup.
    2. For a more natural eye makeup look, you can choose to use the natural pigment on your lids and simply apply your eyeliner/kajal and mascara.
    3. If you want to add some eye shadow to your lids, always prep them with an eye primer or concealer. Remember to set the concealer with some compact powder. Or you can use a natural shade of eyeshadow that is the same shade or one or two shades lighter/darker than your skin tone.
    4. Now that your eyelids are prepped, you can go in with whichever shade of eyeshadow over your lids. Remember that blending is the key to having a flawless application. You can never over-blend. So, blend, and just keep blending.
    5. There are different eyeshadow looks you can go for. After you’ve completed the eyeshadow look, you can move on to the next thing which is the eyeliner.
    6. Similarly, there are different ways to apply your eyeliner to accentuate your eyes.
    7. Apply your kajal on your waterline for a more intense eye look.
    8. Apply a coat of mascara on your eyelashes. If you need more volume and thickness, apply a second coat before the first coat completely dries.
    9. Finish off the eye makeup with some highlighter in the corners of your eyes and your brow bone.

    Eye makeup Tips & Hacks 

    1. A colour corrector and some concealer can hide your dark circles.
    2. Prepping your eyelids is not only important to get the true colour of your eyeshadow, but it also acts as a barrier between your eyelid and the product.
    3. Curling your lashes right before you apply your mascara can lift your lashes more.
    4. Brow gel can help set your eyebrows to give you a clean look.
    5. A wing for different eye shapes can be tricky but it gives your eyes a snatched look.
    6. Coating your lids in a subtle brown eyeshadow shade is all you need to get through the day and stun at night.
    7. Highlighter in the corners of your eyes can brighten them up and make them look more alluring.

    Eye makeup Do's and Don’ts

    1. Do: Find the right brushes to apply your eyeshadow.
    2. Do: Apply your eyeshadow a little at a time and build up on it if need be.
    3. Do: Apply your mascara in an upward and outward direction to lift your lashes.
    4. Do: Blend out any harsh lines from your eyeshadow.
    5. Do: Start off with the right transition shade.
    6. Don’t: Curl your lashes after applying your mascara.
    7. Don’t: Start off with a thin line for your eyeliner.
    8. Don’t: Apply very dark eyeshadows in the corners of your eyes.
    9. Don’t: Rub your eyelids after applying your makeup.
    10. Don’t: Sleep with your makeup on.

    What you need to know before buying eye makeup products online

    1. Knowing your skin tone helps in more than just finding the right eye makeup products but also finding the right shade of Lipsticks.
    2. Non-staining products are good to have especially for eye cosmetics.
    3. Knowing which type of product you can use the best, especially when selecting your eyeliner.
    4. Long-lasting cruelty-free eye makeup products are the best way to go.

    Check out other makeup products & accessories online at Street Wear

    Aside from the range of eye makeup products we have available for you, there are other Lip makeup products and Nail polish online at Street Wear. These products include lip liners and other makeup accessories. You can also get your everyday essentials like lip balms all right here at Street Wear.

    Shop in all our categories like face, lips, eyes, nails, and accessories.

    Why choose StreetWear?

    At Street Wear, we embrace every little detail about you, from the things you love about yourself to your imperfections. We believe that you are made exactly the way you are for a reason and that makes you special for no other person is exactly just as you are. No one has the same characteristics, features, views, and personality as you.

    We want to be with you on your journey of self-discovery as you get to know and embrace yourself for who you truly are without any limits. Because at Street Wear, we truly believe in #NoDoubtsNoLimits.

    No Doubt No Limits.

    Street Wear Cosmetics.

    Buy your eye makeup products online at StreetWear


    Q. Is it OK to wear eye makeup without foundation?

    A: Eye makeup can be worn alone without any other face makeup. You can choose to focus on just your eyes and nothing else. So, yes it is ok to wear your eye makeup without foundation. Just remember to prep your eyelids before you apply your eye makeup.

    Q. Can eye makeup products affect your vision?

    A: Makeup residue can damage your eyes which is why it is very important to take off your makeup before you go to sleep. Always check the expiration date on all your makeup products, not just your eye makeup products. Be sure to replace them when they’re expired.

    Q. How do you apply basic eye makeup?

    A: Basic eye makeup can be translated to different eye makeup looks for different people. But always prep your eyelids and start off with a transition shade. Then go in with whichever shade you want to use as your primary colour. Remember to blend.

    Q. Should eye makeup be done first or face makeup?

    A: Everyone has a different way of applying makeup. Most people apply their face makeup before their eye makeup. Others apply their eye makeup before their face makeup. If you’re not sure which way to go, try both approaches and decide which one was easiest for you.

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