A complete guide on makeup products & accessories for beginners

Whether you are in your teens or have just discovered the art of makeup, whether you like a natural makeup look or want to look all glammed up for a date – you need makeup essentials for beginners in your stash. Makeup is no longer just the kajal or lipstick - basic makeup items for beginners must include skin-friendly products to enhance the different features of your face. If you are a makeup newbie and are at a loss on what is basic makeup for beginners, what are the things required for basic makeup, and how to apply makeup quicker, we have super easy and helpful tips for you. In this post, let us take you through some of the must-have products and makeup accessories for beginners that will make makeup feel like a dream. From makeup brushes to blushes and everything in between, we have covered it all in this post. So let’s get going! 

11 Must-Have Basic Makeup Items for Beginners

Street Wear understands makeup needs for beginners like no other. We have brought for you all the makeup essentials that you might need for a day look or an evening glam look. All our makeup products are cruelty-free and contain ingredients that care for your skin so that you can enjoy the makeup products, guilt-free. In this article, you'll find a list of makeup essentials & accessories for beginners as well as step-by-step guidelines for basic makeup products that are great to start your makeup journey and are also easy on the pocket. Let’s take a look at some of the makeup essentials for beginners.

#1 Face Foundation

Face foundation is, well, the foundation for any makeup look. Whether you want a no-makeup nude look or a glam goddess look you will need a foundation for your face. Depending on the occasion and your skin concerns you might choose a full coverage foundation or a weightless matte finish foundation. The foundation helps you to cover imperfections and gives an even-toned base for your makeup look.

How to use foundation?

Did you think you had to slather the foundation all over your face? No, you can just apply a foundation in dots to the areas on your face with an even skin tone. Blend it well to get a smooth finish.

#2 Compact Powder

One of the most important products for basic makeup for beginners is compact or pressed powder. A compact helps you to lock the foundation and gives a finishing touch to the base makeup. Choose a matte face compact powder to add a matte shine-free finish to your base.

How to use compact powder?

Lightly apply compact powder on the face with the help of a powder brush or a sponge applicator after you have applied the face foundation. If you have spotless even skin and don’t like to apply foundation. You can apply a compact powder after you have applied moisturiser and sunscreen. Street Wear Compact Powder is enriched with Vitamin E which keeps the skin moisturised and doesn’t let it dry out.

#3 Eye Kajal or Kohl Pencil

Someone rightly said, ‘the eyes are a mirror to beauty on the inside’. Eyes are the most captivating feature of your face. Indian women are blessed with big almond-shaped eyes that just need a touch of kajal to make them look bigger and bolder. One of the basic makeup items for beginners' eye makeup is a smudge-proof kajal.

How to use eye kajal?

Use them on your waterline and lash line both. You can also tight-line your lashes – or fill the gaps within the lashes to make your eyes look bolder and brighter.

#4 Liquid Eye Liner

Nothing defines your eyes better than liquid eyeliner. Whether you want big bold eyes or delicate cat eye looks, black liquid eyeliner is all that you need to make your eye look enchanting.

How to use eyeliner?

You can use liquid eyeliner in various ways. One of the easiest is to trace the natural outline of your eyes. If you are not a pro at using liquid eyeliner then start with short strokes and join them. Extend the tail of the liner for a dramatic look.

#5 Mascara

Enhance your lashes with mascara to get dreamy long curled lashes. Black eye mascara is perfect for makeup needs for beginners. Based on your needs and the look you are planning for, you can also choose coloured mascaras or waterproof mascara.

How to use mascara?

After you have finished doing your eye makeup, apply mascara on your lashes. Here’s how to do it easily - look up, place the wand at the base of your eyelashes, and wiggle the wand back and forth. Do the same with your lower lashes too.

#6 Lip liner

The secret to getting beautiful pouty lips is not only lipstick! A lip liner gives you fuller lips and ensures your lipstick stays on for a long. Pick a red lip liner and a nude lip liner so that they can work for all kinds of makeup looks.

How to use a Lip Liner?

Define and fill your lips with a lip liner. Use a light nude lip liner to fill the lips so that you can even out any pigmentation on the lips. Then outline again with a lip liner closer to the lipstick shade.

#7 Lipstick

On a bad day, there's always lipstick.” Yes, one of the basic makeup needs for beginners is always lipstick. There’s one girl ever who doesn’t like lipstick. Today there are so many types of lipsticks online that you are spoilt for choices – lip crayon, matte liquid lipsticks, or matte bullet lipsticks. Choose a shade that complements your skin colour. Make sure to go for dermatologically tested lipsticks to keep your skin away from any harm.

How to use Lipstick?

After you have lined and filled your lips, use lipstick or a lip crayon to fill the lips. Apply lipstick in short strokes. It’s best to use a lip filler brush for precise application.

#8 Lip balm

Have you noticed while applying lipstick the dry and flaky skin on your lips? Get rid of this dead skin on your lips with a lip scrub and apply a lip balm with SPF to keep your lips hydrated and protected from sun damage.

#9 Beauty Blender

Do you know what the secret to a flawless makeup look is? Blending! One of the essentials of basic makeup items for beginners is a beauty blender. A beauty blender sponge can help you in achieving a smooth finish for your base makeup. You can also use a foundation brush to apply foundation on the face and then blend it with a beauty blender or a makeup sponge.

#10 Makeup Brush

Makeup Brushes make the application of makeup easier. These are important makeup accessories for beginners because you don’t want your makeup to look patchy. If you like using eye shadow, it is better to invest in a good eye shadow brush and eye shadow blending brush – they will make your job much easier. If you don’t use the correct brushes to apply eye shadow it might look tacky and patchy.

#11 Nail Paint

Everyone needs a pop of colour in life, right? Nails without vibrant colours are boring! Nail polish and nail paints are makeup essentials for beginners because they are easy and you can never have enough of them. Paint your nails with either gloss nail paints or matte nail polish of your choice. Don’t forget to add bright shades of nail paints to your basic makeup products list for beginners along with some nude shades for work or formal events.

Tips for choosing the right makeup essentials for beginners

Here are some tips you can follow while selecting makeup essentials for beginners because using the right makeup product is vital for your skin and your look.

  • Choose basic makeup products for beginners that are enriched with skin-friendly ingredients like Vitamin E or aloe vera
  • Choose a foundation with SPF as it will protect the skin from sun damage
  • You can also choose a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips
  • Read the label or description before buying
  • Choose chemical-free products
  • Choose cruelty-free makeup products
  • Choose things required for basic makeup based on your skin type

Wrapping Up

Whether you want a hint of colour on your lips or a simple kohl-eyed look - makeup needs for beginners can be different. Not everyone is blessed with perfect skin – imperfections, and skin texture, make us who we are. If you need to even out your skin with some foundation and compact it is okay – do not shy away from it. While doing makeup is important, it is also vital that you remove makeup thoroughly at the end of the day for good skin. Use a good makeup remover or micellar water to remove makeup. Hope our makeup essentials for beginners list will help you in choosing the right products for a beautiful you.