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    Make Up Brush

    Blush Brush

    Rs. 250Rs. 225

    Blush Brush Streetwear Blush Brush Is Uniquely Designed For Ultimate Application, Comfort & Grip That Smoothly And Easily Deposits Blush Onto Apples Of Your Cheek For That Rosy Glow. Ultra...

    Eyeliner Brush

    Rs. 150Rs. 135

    Eyeliner Brush This Brush Is Uniquely Designed For Ultimate Application, Comfort & Grip To Precisely Apply Eyeliner On Upper And Lower Lash Lines.Easily Creates A Multitude Of Artistic Linear Looks...

    Lip Liner Brush

    Rs. 125Rs. 113

    Lip Liner Brush The Brush Is Uniquely Designed For Ultimate Application, Comfort & Grip To Perfectly Apply Lip Color Or Gloss. This Sleek Brush Enables You To Precisely Line The...

    Eyeshadow Brush

    Rs. 200Rs. 180

    Eyeshadow Brush This Brush Gives You Comfort & Grip To Create A Multitude Of Eye Looks For Flawless Appearance.The Brushes Are Made Up Of Fine Quality Bristles, Soft And Silky...

    Lip Filler Brush

    Rs. 160Rs. 144

    Lip Filler Brush This Lip Filler Brush Is An Ideal Companion For Lipsticks & Lip Glosses.It Is Perfect For Detailing Along The Lips & Applying The Color Evenly And Consistently....

    Foundation Brush

    Rs. 200Rs. 180

    Foundation Brush This Brush Is Uniquely Designed For Ultimate Application,Comfort & Grip To Apply Liquid Or Cream Foundation Evenly & Easily For A Flawless Complexion. The Bristles Are Made Of...

    Eye Groomer

    Rs. 185Rs. 167

    Eye Groomer It Is Uniquely Designed For Ultimate Application,Comfort & Grip For Expertly Groomed Brows.This Duo Tool Shapes Your Brows & Eyelashes With Flawless, Salon Quality Results. Brand :Street Wear...

    Eye Blender

    Rs. 125Rs. 113

    Eye Blender Gear Up Like A Pro And Add Your Own Expert Touch To Every Eye Look With This Brush. It Is Flat In Shape Apt For The Perfect And...

    Essential Makeup Brushes You Need For A Full Glam Look.

    Why do you need makeup brushes and are they important? That’s a question a lot of beginners in makeup want to know. If you’re already a makeup artist and/or a professional, then you already have your answer. But we are here to help makeup beginners understand why makeup brush sets are needed. For the MUAs and professionals, we are here to give you a quick guide to our range of professional makeup brushes and of course, some of our other makeup accessories... Read More

    Creating makeup looks is fun and with the right tools and makeup products, you can create almost every look. That might take some practice to get there but you are well on your way. Cosmetic brushes are important when applying makeup for different reasons. These reasons vary from one makeup lover to another and you might end up having your own reason as soon as you master the technique of using it.

    Makeup brushes require patience, practice, and persistence. For some who have been in the makeup world for a while, mastering the technique might come easy. For others, it might take a while. But makeup tutorials are your best friends to get that technique locked and loaded.

    If you’ve been in the makeup world for a while, you’ve probably encountered makeup artists who use their hands to apply their face makeup products. Now you’re wondering why you can’t do that as well. Using your hands or fingers doesn't do justice to the makeup products. You either waste more product than you use or you don’t get the actual application and/or results you’re hoping for. This is especially true for eye makeup products as you lose pigment in most cases.

    There are other reasons why you need professional makeup brushes like to get a flawless base and even application of the product. But the other reasons, you’ll discover them as soon as you get your hands on makeup brush sets.

    Makeup Brushes At Street Wear Cosmetics

    There are different types of makeup brushes that are made for your face, eyes, and lip makeup products. Each brush is designed in a unique way with a shape that allows optimum and even application of your makeup products. These brushes help the makeup artist in applying products in a precise way that helps you get your desired result.

    • Foundation brush:

    Our foundation brush has a dimension of 70x290x10 (mm) which is a good length to help you in a gentle application of your foundation. This brush allows you to start off with a thin layer of foundation and build up however you like to get even coverage. It can be used to apply your skin care products as well.

    • Blush brush:

    Our blush brush has the same dimension as our foundation brush but with a bit of fluff in the bristles. This allows you to apply your blush lightly and softly to prevent overpacking of pigment on the apples of your cheeks. The length allows a smooth and comfortable application of your blush.

    • Contour brush:

    Our contour brush has shorter bristles to give you a precise application of your contour. With a dimension of 70x290x10 (mm), this brush picks up enough contour and allows you to blend smoothly and efficiently.

    • Eye groomer:

    This eye groomer is for grooming your eyebrow. This two-sided makeup brush is to brush your eyebrows and set them however you desire. The side with bristles is used to brush your eyebrow out and the other side is to set it with an eyebrow gel. You can use this brush while trimming your eyebrows at home.

    • Eyeshadow brush:

    This eyeshadow brush is used when applying eyeshadow on your eyelids. It is the perfect brush to help you blend your eyeshadow smoothly and easily. It has an easy grip that would make it comfortable to hold and swish as you blend out your eyeshadow to perfection.

    • Eye blender:

    This eye blender is also for your eyeshadow. It is the perfect brush that will help you get a detailed eye makeup look. The shape of the brush allows precision when placing your eyeshadow on your eyelids. It helps you focus your eyeshadow in the portion of your eyelids you would like.

    • Eyeliner brush:

    This brush is used to apply your eyeliner. As liquid eyeliner comes with its own applicator, this eyeliner brush is used for other types of eyeliner like gel eyeliner. The length of the bristles helps you easily get a sleek, clean, and sharp eyeliner look.

    • Lip liner brush:

    Our lip liner brush is quite similar to our eyeliner brush but has longer bristles. This allows you to have control over your application. The easy and comfortable grip lets you line your lips perfectly.

    • Lip filler brush:

    Our lip filler brush has a different shape from our lip liner brush which is great to fill out your lips with your desired lip colour. It also lets you blend colours to get an ombre look or any other lip combo you want to go for.

    The range of makeup brush sets that are mentioned above is great for beginners and professionals. Get these brushes, care for them the right way, and enjoy them for a long time.

    Explore our range of nail care products that will help you give your nail a clean look before you paint them with our wide range of nail enamel.

    Tips & Tricks For Makeup Brushes

    • Clean your brushes often.
    • Avoid soaking your brushes in water.
    • Your foundation brush can be used to apply your concealer.
    • Wider brushes have wider coverage. So, if you need a detailed brush, get a smaller brush.
    • Brushes with shorter lengths have a heavier application.
    • Your powder brush shouldn’t have too much fluff.
    • Get as many eyeshadow brushes as you need in one sitting without having to wash your brushes over and over again.

    Explore Other Makeup Products Online at Street Wear Cosmetics

    At Street Wear Cosmetics, we have a vast collection of makeup and beauty products online as well as accessories. These include products for your face, lips, eyes, and nails. Our collection of beauty accessories includes hair and face accessories.

    Our face products range includes face foundation and compact powder. Our eye makeup products include liquid eyeliner, eyeliner kajal, and eye mascara. Our lip care products include fruity lip balm, lip liner, and lipstick.

    Browse for more makeup products online and professional makeup brushes at Street Wear Cosmetics.

    Why Choose Street Wear Cosmetics?

    At Street Wear Cosmetics, we cheer for every individual’s uniqueness. We are all for being and staying true to ourselves no matter the consequences. If you need a cheerleader, we are right to support you through your self-discovery and self-growth journey as you grow to be the person you know yourself to be.

    We encourage you to take a stand and be your authentic self because, at Street Wear Cosmetics, we really believe in #NoDoubtsNoLimits.

    No Doubt No Limits.

    Street Wear Cosmetics.


    Q. How do I sanitise makeup brushes?A: Wash with lukewarm water and clarifying or gentle shampoo. Swirl the bristles to get rid of the residue of makeup products. Rinse and leave to dry.

    Q. How long do makeup brushes last?

    A: Makeup brushes last for a long period of time. But watch out for the bristles and replace them if they start falling off or looking worn out. If you notice you break out more, replace your makeup brushes.

    Q. Which brushes are important for makeup?

    A: There are brushes for every step in your makeup like face makeup brushes, eye makeup brushes, and lip makeup brushes. The brushes for whichever makeup products you use often are what is important for you to have.

    Q. Can makeup brushes cause breakouts?

    A: Makeup brushes can only cause breakouts if you don’t take care of them properly. That is why it is important to wash your makeup brushes as often as you use them and in the right way.

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